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The Future of World Leadership

Director of Freemuslim Association’s Inclusion Forum, Mr. Mujtaba Akhwand attended an event hosted by the Atlantic Council titled ‘The Future of World Leadership.” Throughout this fruitful, interactive, intellectually rich event; Mr. Bernar-Henri Levy, French philosopher and author was accompanied by Dr. Graham Allison, Professor of Government at the Harvard Kennedy School where both intellects spoke about different dimensions of world leadership, what does it take to be a world leader and also the overwhelming challenges to remain a world leader.                 Mr. Levy emphasized standing for minorities and ensuring their safe place in the transitional power plays a key...

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Freemuslim Statement on World Day of Social Justice

Social justice remains a fundamental priority in the nature of the humanitarian conflict and as an essential endeavor of the international community with its main and subsidiary addresses. Social justice is a fundamental principle of the peaceful coexistence within and between nations within which prosperity is achieved. Their priorities are based on the realization of gender equality and the promotion of the rights of indigenous people and migrants, as well as basic human rights. A peaceful coexisting society is achievable when all forms of discrimination are eliminated from our societies, including discrimination in gender, age, race, ethnicity, religion or...

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Conversation with Chief of Staff of the Air Force

In an interactive meeting hosted by the Brookings Institution,  Director of Freemuslim Association Mujtaba Akhwand had great privilege of meeting General David Goldfein, chief of staff of the U.S Air Force. Mr. Michael O’Hanlon of the Brookings Institution engaged General Goldfein in a very technical and informative conversation about challenges the Air Forces faces in years to come, and possible solutions in overcoming such challenges. Mr. Akhwand believes Air Force and other branches of the military can play a key role in protecting innocent civilians at risk of ethnical cleansing and elimination by extremist group ISIS or any other...

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Freemuslim Statement regarding Warsaw Peace & Security in the Middle East Conference ( Poland )

Freemuslim Association strongly deplores the failure of many governments and leaders in the Middle East to respond to human rights violations and reports that reveal the deterioration in of human rights, especially in terms of public freedoms and living conditions in the Arab and Muslim countries. According to reports issued by international institutions and advocates; tens of thousands of detainees are subject to political judgments and illegal detention as well as many are exposed to acts of intimidation, threats, repression, physical and psychological abuse and sometimes killing in flagrant violation of the established international agreements and the divinely revealed...

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Building Effective Approach to Terrorism Prevention

Director of Freemuslim Association Inc,. Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention Mr. M. Akhwand attended an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation focusing on building effective approach to terrorism prevention in a informative presentation by Mrs. Elizabeth Neumann, Assistant Secretary for Threat Prevention and Security Policy, Department of Homeland Security and Mr. Seamus Hughes, Deputy Director of the Program on Extremism at George Washington University. Speakers emphasized on effectiveness of community education efforts, positive impact of peer to peer programs, and engagement of civic leaders in terrorism prevention. Mr. Akhwand emphasized on reducing the gap between policy makers and...

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Nonviolence Pioneers

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