How to Read Arabic Text

This page is published courtesy of Horizons

Arabic pages in this site are presented as text, not images as in many Arabic sites on the Internet,In order to view them ,you need to browse the pages using the right combination of operating system and browser.

Please read the following options and choose the one that suites you. In addition, to improve the overall quality of fonts displayed on your screen, regardless of your browser, read about MS Windows font smoother.

If you are using [Arabic and non-Arabic] Windows 3.X, 95 or 98

If you are using MAC OS

If you are using UNIX

Why Arabic Text ?
Now you may ask: why do not you just follow the others and display the Arabic pages in your site as an images?.

Fine!, but we do have a very strong reasons behind this...

Steps to Add Arabic Text Display Support for Internet Explorer 5

If you are installing IE5 for the first time:

If you have IE5 already installed, please follow theses steps:

1.From the start menu chose settings.
2.Select the control panel
3.Select Add/Remove programs
4.Select Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Tools
5.Click add/remove programs.
6.Check the "add component" radio button, then press OK.
7.Scroll until you find the "multi language support" option.
8.Check "Arabic text display support" , then press next
9.Press finish, then your computer will restart.

MS Windows 95 font smoother
To improve the overall quality of fonts displayed on your screen, regardless of your operating system, download and use MS Windows 95 font smoother. This free utility from Microsoft makes your fonts display in a smoother, but work only if your machine is set to 64K colors or more. You will not need to download this program if you are running Internet Explorer 4.0 or Later or if you have Windows 98.

To smooth your screen fonts if you are running Explorer 4.0 or Later or Windows 98

1. Make sure that your display card is configured to use 64K colors
2. double click on my computer
3. choose view from the toolbar menu.
4. choose "folder Options..."
5. click on "view" tab.
6. Scroll down on the dialog box that will appear until you see a check box with the label: smooth edges of screen fonts.
7. check this box.
8. Click OK.

You are now able to see a smooth fonts!