In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful



The Freemuslim Assembly is an independent Islamic Humanitarian organization that advocates peace and nonviolence and calls for abolishing the death penalty and is in favor of reconciliation among countries and peoples.

The idea of establishing this Assembly came about following lengthy meetings with a group of virtuous scholars in Iran, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon in addition to scholars living in European and African countries as well as in the United States. All this took place in 1405 A.H.




Nonviolence means adopting a calm way to get the international message to reach all people in obedience to the Command of Allah saying, “Invite to the Path of your Lord with wisdom and beautiful exhortation,” “There is no compulsion in religion,” and the implementation of the texts of the leaders of the Islamic nation and to its prominent leaders and which is stressed by the Messenger of Allah and the Imam of mercy, the Prophet of Islam, Muhammed.





I.  Name: Free Muslim.

Nature: Political, Humanitarian, Shia Muslim, and nonviolent

The Association bases its methodology on the teaching of Shia leadership headed by His Holiness the Leader of the Shia Sect Imam Ayatullah Sayyid Mohammed al-Shirazi.

The Association was founded in 1984.

The Founder is Shaikh Mohammed Taqi Bager Akhond.

VI.  Objectives:

1.  Support nonviolence in its true meaning according to Islamic principles.

2.  Help resolve conflicts between the peoples and the governments of the Islamic world in order to maintain Islamic unity and abolish violence.

3.  Help free all prisoners of conscious around the world.

4.  Abolish the death penalty according to Islamic teachings.

5.  Defend Islam in general and the Shia faith in particular through monitoring the media and correcting its misperceptions accusing Islam and Shias of terrorism.

6.  Seek a just peace and social justice around the world.

VII.    Membership:

The Association accepts members according to the following criteria:

1.  The member should be at least 18 years old.

2.  The member should believe in nonviolence.

3.  The member should adhere to and believe in the Bylaws.

4.  The member should fill an application form and enclose a copy of identification card with a photograph.


A. The Executive Committee votes and accepts new members according to majority vote.

B. The membership may be suspended or canceled according to these conditions:

1.  Violation of the principles of nonviolence

Member’s application.

VIII.  The association is funded by grants, gifts and fund raising programs.

IX.     The Association’s Makeup:

The Association is made up of the following:

1.  The founder who has the following duties:

A. Nominate the Secretary General.

B. Provide guidance

C. Mediate between the Secretary and the Trustees.

2.  The trustees are selected from world-wide and have the following duties:

A.  Holding annual meetings

B.  Electing the Secretary General through secret ballot by majority vote.

C.     Formulating the strategy and methodology for political and media activities.

Resolving differences between all the different committees.

The General Secretariat which includes the General Secretary and the political and media committees.

A.  The Trustees elect the General Secretary for a five-year term.

B.  The Secretary appoints his deputies and committee directors.

X.  The Trustees provide political and ethical guidance to the General Secretary.

XI.  In case of the Association’s dismantling, all funds are returned to the Shia religious leadership to be used in non-violence projects.

XII.    The association’s publications:

A.  Al-Salaam newsletter (The voice of FreeMuslim) peace newsletter.

B.  Muslim expatriates’ newsletter (Al-Mogtareb Al-Muslim)

C.  Dorood Newsletter (in Farsi)

D.  Roots electronic newsletter on the Internet.

The association is studying the establishment of a multimedia project. The web site is


 1220  L Street N.W. Suite # 100 – 404 -Washington, DC. 20005-4018  U.S.A.

Main office : (202) 318 8555

 Secretary :(202) 415 2173    General Secretary:(202) 415 1989