In the Name of Allah

The Compassionate the Merciful


 Allah the Almighty says: "A good deed and an evil deed are not alike, repel (evil) with something (that is) fine and notice how some one who is separated from you because of enmity will become a bosom friend." (Fusilt: 34).

The messenger of Allah says, «Allah the Almighty is kind and loves kindness; He rewards for it while He does not reward for violence.»

Imam Ali (a.s.) says, «Whoever acts with violence, will regret (his acts).»

«As for me, I do say to you love your enemies, bless who curses you, be nice to those who hate you, pray for those who chase you out; because if you love those who love you, what reward will you get? » (The Gospel, Matteus 5 / 44 - 54).

The East has always dreamt of Freedom and the eastern man is a dreamer of peace. Mankind's dream is cities of civilization, civilization of the soul…. Since to accept the other is not a surprise when we believe that God is for all mankind and man is equal to a man.

Since ancient time there have been conflicts, wars, death, destruction and loss of man's dreams and values.

Conflict will never end, yet is it necessary to cancel the other or expel him from life? Amid pains and  anxieties, wishes to have life full of love are born. Man's dream is in return to self security which is the hiding - place of Truth. It is the ground for the soul to set up a world that rises above hatred. It is man's song to create his free utopian cities.

Amid heaps of pain and true wishes for security the Free Muslim is born.

It is a humanitarian project that presents a non - violence slogan. It applies dialogue among nations as a means to enjoin the good, virtuous morals and create a civilized community of love and human rights respect. It is a call to non - violence attitude, to enjoy self security and reject cruelty and beastly attitude in man's mentality.

Faith in the power of non - violence is a weapon. It is the first brick to purify the soul that over - rides the limited material horizon with its clear cut choices in settling conflicts to reach love of all mankind regardless of race, colour or religion.

The non - violence attitude may seem new, yet it is not impossible if we feel the essence of this attitude , its meaning and thorough goals that include tolerance sometimes, discard of anger sometimes, compromise to other's rights and acceptance of the others sometimes.

The Almighty Allah has willed that all of us live on this planet, hence we should consider how to comply with His Sublime Will. It is not easy at all to yield to the factor of the community originated violence, but it is more difficult o reject any humanitarian means that allows man to return to his being as a caliph shunning minor evils.

If the message of non - violence is a spiritual peaceful one that produces security and self - control, it does not mean it is a mysticism or monkhood that keeps one away from the inevitable conflict related to mankind affairs in the human community.

Non - violence attitude does not mean to put away requirements to achieve legal rights and principles. It is not a call to give in to the enemy or keep idle vis avis opponents. It is a moral behavior to develop means of ending conflicts through civilized methods. Such process may take a long time yet we can live it through the spirit of good that negates hostility within the self, hence its light will reach the others: opponents and enemies. Our duty is not to eliminate our enemy but to pity and reform him. Such noble concept is clear in the prophet's attitude when he (pbuh) prayed for his enemies. He (pbuh) said, «Oh, my Lord forgive them, they do not know (what they are doing).»

Similarly Imam Hussain (a.s) at the battle of Karbala when he was asked why he was crying, he answered:

«I cry for these people's fate. Allah will punish them because of me.»

It is the spirit that motivates one to love one's enemies as the previously mentioned Quranic verse (Fusilat: 34).

The message of non - violence is a letter addressing communities, states and institutions. It is a letter that oversteps the phenomenon of suppressed freedom in order to create means of expression that suits the human nature and status through a fair language of listening and communicating.

It is the language that replaces the language of oppression, killing and destruction. It is to free the intellect from hateful singularity. It is a means of expressing man's needs and goals related to love healing the soul that does stir suspect and rejection when the soul is protected by security that refuses the odd reality of violence to settle conflicts.

Yet history demonstrates various images of culture in violence and revenge which deformed the noble concepts.

Hence the prophets' vision of creating a community with dominant justice, peace and security, was lost. Perhaps the opposing will does not shrink but people share concepts near in vision and behavior to achieve the goal.

Therefore we believe in the message of non - violence as a civilized attitude that oversteps the limited horizon and participates in shaping the community culture that yearns to freedom and liberty towards creativity for men to discard violence and rise above egoism. It is the beginning of a real feeling of a project to change the community behavior and mentality for a reformation message.

It maintains equality and self - security, a real need to competition along with mechanism that promotes relationship among the competing groups and constructs the self - good will to limit anger and prevent revenge from dominating the community.

It will not be considered an original message stemming from human need, unless it handles the others' environment and achieves its goals of planting truth optimistically and pleasantly, along with the necessary freedom for communication and understanding of non - violence nature stemming from Divine messages that offered man high status above egoism.

The Free Muslim is a political humanitarian Shia assembly that aims at achieving the sublime Islamic values and at exchange of violence with the merit of non violence.