In the Name of Allah The Compassionate the Merciful  


Avoid Violence, Discard Differences and
 Respect the other’s Opinion

Islam Prohibits Crimes and Assaults

The great Ayatullah sheikh Mirza Jawad Al – Tabrizi speaks regarding violence and Imam Al – Mahdi’s sword.

He says:

I - «If violence refers to crimes and assaults, it is prohibited by Islam. To link violence with Islam is a mere lie and injustice. But if violence refers to punishment for an offence it is right and just. Surely laws are concerned to punish the guilty within the limits, but this has nothing to do with violence.  

II –Perhaps the sword has its actual meaning. To consider it related to power or as a tool for fighting, needs evidence though it is possible. This time is of great scientific progress and developed technology. It can not be evidence to link the sword with (military) power or something else, because we do not know the time of the Imam’s appearance, nor the conditions of that day. Perhaps all developed weapons be destroyed or damaged through the Divine power as a miracle similar to that related to prophet Ibrahim (a.s.) when fire could not burn him, or the one related to the knife which could not wound Ismael, or the one related to prophet Mosa (a.s.) when the sea splitted asunder for his followers to cross. Allah the Almighty is the most Powerful, capable of every thing and the Guidance to the right path».