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Free Muslim

Islam is the religion of peace, purity, acceptance and commitment.

It’s the religion of the right principles that God had laid down (praise be to God) for the welfare of all his mankind, and ordered them to follow it’s rules.

The Islamic religion releases the chain, breaks the bounds, and it motivated mankind to deal with matters in a better way.

It also gather the Free Muslim whose goal is to acquaint the reader with the right ideas, defend the basis of Islam, and educate the Islamic society on a non violence basis, through the Free spirit of speech and by accepting the opinions of others in the objectivity of the seeker of truth, so that may ultimately be convinced that the teachings of Islam is the religion of right, because Islam is a complete religion that addresses all aspects of life.

Taking in his responsibility the publication of this Great book that was composed by the highly religions reference Al – Imam – Sayid – Muhammad Al – Hussaini – Al – Shirazi, born in holy Najaf  Iraq.




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The Free Muslim

The Free Muslim is a Shia humanitarian political independent,  Islamic assembly advocating the non - violence slogan which is originally Islamic though the enemies of Islam have tried to deprive Islam of this trait.


The Goal

The assembly aims at defending the essence of Islam, to promote dialogue and acceptance of the others' opinions in the Muslim community objectively in pursue of Truth, by means of:

1 - Manifestation of Islamic principles which have been forgotten for a long time. Such principles should have their role in the community.

2 - Enjoining the good and forbidding the evil.

3 - Rejection of evil through a fairer approach.


Non - violence

Non - violence indicates the quiet method of conveying the Islamic message to the whole world at the order of Allah the Almighty Who says:

"Invite people to your Lord's way with discretion and kindly instruction" (The Bees: 125).

"There should be no compulsion in religion." (The Cow: 256).

The prophet and the infallible Imams (peace on all of them) confirm this Divine order through narrations such as:

* whoever applies violence will regret.

* whoever forgives others will enjoy their friendship.

* Be good to people to be in safety of their conspiracies and plots.

The concept of non - violence is not an alien concept in Islam, rather it is a firm original concept. Religions in general, Islam in particular, have been established on its foundation. Anyway, the disruption between religion and man along with man's adherence to life pleasures and the anti - Islamic propaganda, has led to the distortion of the concept amid its own people.

The Free Muslim intends to re- arrange the actual image of non - violence which has become a plaything in the hands of others.

It is worth to mention that although Islam is established on the foundation of non - violence, it does not call the Muslims to compromise or yield to injustice and assault.


The Consultative Council

In view of the Quranic verses and the prophetic narrations, the consultative council is eager to implement the Islamic instructions whether the obligatory or the voluntary ones. The council comprises some prominent theologians in the theologian centers (Hawza Ilmia) in Iraq, Iran, Syria and other countries. The members of the council guide the Free Muslim in all its activity.

The idea of forming the council was the outcome of many prolonged meetings of prominent theologians in Iraq, Syria and Lebanon in the  year 1405 Hijri (1985 E.C.). Of the pioneer founders were:

I - The late Ayatullah Sayyid Ridha Al - Sadr (Allah bless him), the eldest brother of Imam Musa Al - Sadr. He was one of the renowned theologians in holy Qum. He spent his life serving Islam religion with his pen and his deeds. He was brave and never feared to utter the word of truth. His bravery is traced back to his grandfather: Imam Hussain (a.s.).

He taught jurisprudence at the highest level through his eloquent style. He was one of the pioneers in the theologian center, with his rich history of piety and righteousness.

Since his childhood he devoted his time to studying Islamic science in order to confront indecency and to spread virtue and faith thus to help setting up the optimum Muslim community where justice and non - violence should be prevalent.

II - The late Ayatullah shaikh Hasan Al - Saed (Allah bless him). He was born in the city of Tehran in the year 1337 (Hijri - Solar calendar). He grew up in the lap of his father Ayatullah mirza Abdullah known: Al - Mujtahid Al - Tahrani. He got his college degree in language and literature at the university of Tehran. In 1370 (Hijri Lonar calendar) he left for holy Najaf where he studied religious sciences at the hands of famous theologians such as: Ayatullah Al - Hilli, Ayatullah Al - Khoe and Ayatullah Al - Hakim.

He left a big library in Masjid Al - Jama'a, which managed to print and distribute 35.000 book of various subjects. It contains nearly one thousand manuscript of the holy Quran.

[N.B. The name of the present members are not disclosed for some reason.]

The Secrety General of this council is Shaikh Muhammad Taqi Baqir Al - Dhakiri. He was born in Karbal, Iraq in the year 1957. He studied in the Quranic schools then immigrated to Iran in 1971. He settled in holy Qum where he continued his studying of jurisprudence in its theologian center. He studied the science of prophetic tradition (narrations) besides political science.

He has been the deputy of Shia authorities in Tehran since 1979. He plays his role to promote the trend of non - violence. He left Iran in 1981 to settle in Lebanon since then. He is active at the political and cultural level.

He supervised the publication of the jurisprudence research achieved by the religions authority Ayatullah Al - Shirazi (Allah save him), in its 110 parts, second edition.

He is the author of:

1 - Imam Hussain: Strategy and Situation.

2 - Man between Science and Work

3 - Read Me at Your Pastime.

4 - Al - Takattum in Islam (Hiding one's faith in Islam).

Moreover some of his works are in Persian language and as manuscripts.

He is a holder of M.A and Ph.D in psychology. He is licensed to relate narrations. He is authorized by many prominent theologians in Iran, Iraq and Kuwait to tackle financial affairs.