In the Name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful

Highlights from the FreeMuslims Assiociation ‘s acticities

 report for the years 2001-2002

Dear Sir :


 Our  wide-raning  programs and activities included organizing conferences , conducting seminars and workshops, distributing books , and audio-visual materials

In various Arab and Islamic countries  focused on fostering anf advancing peace non-violence culture. They also  included media outrewach , talks and dialogues with political and  Congressional  leaders, and writing letters and articles  in response to  distorted writings and ill-intentioned campaigns  seeking to unjustly link Islam with violence and terrorism.

 Conferences, Seminars , and Workshops:

****   On September 14, 2002, we co-sponsored a seminar with  Sherazi World Foundation on “ Islam and the Challenges of Violence held at Jeorge Mason University and attended by political  and religious leaders, expers on Politics and

religion. university professors, and a crowd of interested Muslims from various states.

****  We conducted 27 Seminars on violence and terrorism.

****  We organized 51   speical all-women  forums  on  “ Domestic Violence: Causes and Solutions”

****  We sponsored 25 special Youth  workshops on  “Non-violence Culture in  Islam”

****  We organized  8 special children workshop was held on “ Parent Obedience and Renouncing Violence.”

 Book Publishing and  Distribution:

***   Free distribution of copies of  a study on Grand Imam Mohammed Sherazi by Dr. Ayad Musa Mahmoud.

***   Free distribution of  copies of  “Fundamentals of Islam” by Grand Imam Sherazi.

****  Free distribution of  “If Islam were to be Established” by Grand Imam Sherazi.

****  Free distribution of “ War, Peace, and Non-violence” by Grand  Imam Sherazi.

****  Free distribution of  “C,eshte Islamizmi”  by Grand Imam Sherazi (in Albanian”

****  Free distribution of  “Ne Sistemin Islam” by Grand Imam Sherazi (in  Albanian)

****  Free distribution of  “Ideees Politiques” by Mohammd Ghaleb Ayoub. (in French)

****  Free distribiution of a special issue of  the schoilarly journal “Al-Nabaa”

on  non-violence culture.

****  Free distribution of the “The ABC of Non-violence in Islam” (in Arabic)

****  Free distribution of “ Non-Violence in Islam” by Grand Imam Mohammed Sherazi.

****  Free distribution of 1800  copies of  “  A profile of Imam Sherazi as a thinker”   in CD form.

****  Free distribution of  1800 CDs  entitled “Lectures on Non-Violence”

****  Free distribution of 1500  cassettes of lectures on Non-Violence.

 *  Your comments, suggestions, and unconditional  donations would be welcome.