In the Name of Allah The Compassionate the Merciful




Avoid Violence, Discard Differences and
 Respect the other’s Opinion


The Great Ayatullah Sayyid Muhammad Said Al – Hakim says:

I – Such campaigns, though fierce, are predictable in view of the Shia stance articulating the word of truth. The Shia tread a different path from the global drive which is controlled by devilish force… The Shia should get used to that and prepare theirselves to fight back through:

1 - avoiding all means of violence. Violence is Achilles’ heel. It damages the one applying it. It can be exaggerated with unwanted complications opposite to religious legislations. We should be quiet and have the good morals of our Imams and their followers.  

2 - We should have confidence in ourselves as being truthful.

3 - We should recall our bright history in patience and persistence and insist on treading the road at various stages.

4 - We should apply dialogue and express our viewpoints with suitable proofs and through objectivity and truth. We should avoid equivocation, fallacies and sophism.

                        5 - We should keep on performance of our initials and revival of religious occasions  along with the display of Ahlul Bayt’s concepts.

                         This has the greatest impact on bringing closer the Shia communities. We should renew the spirit of determination and firm stand.

6 – We should strive for the unity of all Muslims and bring closer different opinions. We should avoid dispute and unfair accusation for the sake of making a show.

7 – Beware of deviated calls and discouraging claims which could destroy the Shia entity, and liquidate its concepts. Such suspicious calls may aim at distortion of the Shia doctrine and mislead followers of Ahlul Bayt (peace on them) in order to produce a loose group lacking commitment. Religion scholars should be supported in their attempts to safeguard this doctrine. Violence should never be applied.

8 – We should strengthen the links with Allah the Almighty Who will take our side and bestow His care on us.

A – Regarding the different opinions and trends in the Shia arena, decisions should be made through sound investigation, seeking Allah’s pleasure. Islamic reformation should be through religious duty away from individual interest, personal wishes, fanaticism and blind imitation. All matters belong to Allah.

Beware of Satanic influence, which misleads people in order to spread sedition amid Muslims. Satanic whispers may claim pleasure of Allah and common interest through honey words while internally motivations are different.

B - Violence and force should not be used to impose one’s opinion on others. The other’s viewpoint should be respected. A compromise of one’s belief should not be made if one is certain of truth. Matters should be tackled objectively and reasonably to reduce acute differences and disputes. Viewpoints should be brought closer and each one should have a role in serving the community, according to his convictions. Dispute should not lead to violate one’s rights through lies and defamation.

Differences in opinion should not hinder cooperation and exchanged respect within the religion limitation that does not go beyond the sect’s established factors.

IV-  The Muslims should deepen the feeling of necessary coherence and join hands. It is the religion duty for all since they know it is the religion accepted by the Almighty Allah, rather than any other religion.

Muslims should be careful of the enemies’ plots that insist on fighting them in the general framework (Sunni and Shi’ite) and strive to keep them away from life realities and deprive them of their religion.

The enemies confront all Muslims wherever they are in order to weaken them and block their life drive. They spread sedition amid the Muslims and ignore their human rights with deaf ear and blind eye.

For such reasons Muslims should stick together and mobilize their forces to overcome obstacles. They should discard all differences and disputes, which only increase their weakness. They should learn co – existence and respect each other, considering the following:

1 – Each side should understand the other side through that side’s own books and sources rather than other sources. Each side should refine the distorted information accumulated by the passage of ages out of prejudice, hostility and defamation, intentionally or un intentionally, about each side.

2 - Scientific objective methods should be applied to display one’s viewpoints. Confusion slander and agitation should be avoided.

Quiet discussion should be carried on.

3 – Each side’s viewpoints regarding religion belief, history and education should be published through the other side’s media thus each side can perceive the other.

4 – Each one should be free to choose his own belief within the Islamic general framework. No one is forced to change or adopt other’s opinion. Objective dialogue regarding truth surely will achieve victory.

5 – Each side should warn whoever confronts such guidelines. Misconduct should be rejected within each group to confess mistakes.