Shaikh M.T. Baqir

 Authentic Narrations

At special occasions, some takes the opportunity and tries to refute narrations related by the infallible Imams (peace be on them). They claim such narrations lack authenticity or belong to certain period of time hence they do not suit our era.

One of such narration which is considered authentic by all sects, is related by the prophet (pbuh). It is about marrying to increase the number of Muslims. He (pbuh) says, "Marry and reproduce, I will be proud of your number, even with the aborted, on the Day of Judgement."

Despite authenticity of this narration, some one claims it is linked with era of the early days of Islam as the Muslims were few in numberů.

It is strange to hear a prominent theologian of sound knowledge say that the Muslims' problems of today are result of failure to understand the above narration and adherence to it.

According to his claim, had the Muslims put aside such narations they would not have suffered economic crises and would have been the best community.

The said theologian added, "If the prophet (pbuh) came today, he would prevent the Muslims from having big families and would limit the number..╗

Yet, he himself, years ago attacked some governments' efforts for their family planning to limit population.

He claimed that such plans aimed at damaging the Shia population.

Today he refers to Imam Ali's saying: 'Less children is one of two pleasures.╗

To discuss this and other narrations, we refer to some points:

1-                Such issues should be tackled at meetings of special theologians rather that at common meetings.

2-                 According to prophetic instructions the lawful and the unlawful will never change until the Day of Judgement.

3-                 Sound evidence should be produced to indicate unauthenticity of a narration.

4-                 The crises in the Muslim communities are result of neglecting the Divine orders or contradicting such orders in Muslim or non - Muslim countries.

5-                 The Muslims no longer resort to works that bring them good life. They are heedless of their religious duties, night prayers and supplications.

6-                 The Muslims today lack awareness while profound ignorance is prevalent amid their communities.

7-                 They demonstrate challenges and transgression against the Creator and His messenger, in words and in deeds.

8-                 Islam religion is experienced to the minimum rate, it may be less than 5 per cent.

Yet the need to an increased Muslim population is necessary to strengthen the community and its defensive force.

If the prophet (pbuh) came today, he would order us to experience democracy, consultation, creativity in production and the construction of a Muslim united community. Man - made borders should be removed, taxes eliminated and executions be stopped.

All such matters damage the reputation of Islam. He (pbuh) would ask us to respect the other opinion, to marry at early ages, to consider blood relation and to achieve social justice.

If he (pbuh) asked us about our commitment to the Divine order, we would look down in shame, be deaf, dumb and blind.

Alas, today our intellectuals do not make efforts to set up the Muslim united community. Instead, they degrade our beliefs and spread dispute amid the community, ironically every thing is done under the cover of religion.

It is worth to mention here a narration that says: Nine tenth of livelihood is in commerce or in good manners.

Finally we confirm that such matters should be discussed in religious centers by prominent theologians rather than in public meetings which might mean some kind of confusion against Islam, against the messenger of Allah and his household (peace be on them).

In the Name of Allah The Compassionate the Merciful