Shaikh M.T. Baqir

Forgive and Forget the Past

Two  nice sayings are related by the prophet (pbuh): -

«Justice is the paradise of the states»

«A king's forgiveness entails survival of his kingdom.»

Justice is the foundation of kingdom. Through justice the world is put up right.

Forgiveness is the greatest virtue. Lack of forgiveness is the ugliest defect. The most wicked person is the one who does not know forgiveness. Justice and forgiveness complete each other. The first is an armour and a rampart. The second guarantees the kingdom survival. Both narrations should be considered in the course of a state policy.

Justice entails the masses' uprightness. It is the bright feature of a ruler. Justice resembles the cold water that quenches the thirst of the thirsty.

Imam Ali (a.s.) says, "Be just to rule and control. Justice is the spirit of laws."

Forgiveness is the peak of morals; it increases the individual's honour and prolongs his life, it is an ornament of power, the best deed of the doer.

Combination of justice and forgiveness produces the best outcome, though few are heedful of that.

How nice it would be if the rulers of the Muslim countries considered these two traits as means in dealing with their people! In that case, there would be no public uprising or turmoil.

All the prophets ((Peace be on all of them)) had the slogan: Forgive and forget the past.

In the Name of Allah The Compassionate the Merciful