Freemuslim Associatin Inc. is a 501(c)3 Tax Exempt Not for Profit Organization registered in Washington D.C,  dedicating its effort to add valuable educational resources for use of the public. Freemuslim focuses on important everyday topics and suggests a Non-Violent approach towards dealing with each topic. We utilize research by experts, scholars, and educators in addressing these issues.

Our events consist of educational seminars and round tables about topics in the field of Non Violence, and also conduct  joint events and partnership with like-minded organizations supporting the cause of Non Violence, work with educators and university professors on educational packages containing in depth research about important topics like Root Causes of Violent Behavior, and similar research.

We believe in an “All Inclusive” work environment for our staff, researchers, volunteers and continue enriching our resources to facilitate more accurate information.


  1. Support nonviolence in its true meaning
  2. Help resolve conflicts between the people and the governments in order to reduce and finally abolish violence.
  3. Help free all prisoners of conscious around the world.
  4. Abolish Laws like Death Penalty and etc.
  5. Help Stop Violence Against Women
  6. Educate women and young girls to know  their Legal Rights and promote them
  7. Educating parents about the danger of violent behavior toward children on their future
  8. Raise awareness about Nonviolent Ideology and its importance in a diverse society
  9. Advocate for Dialogue instead of engagement in conflict
  10. Support initiatives that help eliminate Poverty as it is one of the main causes for violent behavior.
  11. Education and housing for Orphan children to advance in studies instead of involvement in marginalized groups, gangs, and etc.
  12. Publish Research Editorials about important everyday topics
  13. Empower and Aid projects and Initiatives that align with the Nonviolent Ideology and Organization’s Bylaws.