Extremism is a mindset and can surface in many ways. It can show itself in different skin-color, faith, gender, religion, age and it takes a collective effort to control and eliminate it. Join our team & become element of positive change

Women Rights require different approach in different places. Women rights in African continent varies from women rights in Europe or elsewhere. Saving women and girl’s lives in a priority in many areas. Then we fight for other rights. Preserving a human being’s life has priority over what rights she has

Muslims around the world are under pressure due to ill-actions of radical and extremist groups. One bad apple does not represent the apple tree. Here we address oppression forced upon Muslim minorities in different countries in hope of facilitating positive change while shedding light on  countries oppressing an entire population instead of fighting the true extremism

There are number of countries which have laws that set limits a Muslim woman/man/child to practice their religion. These countries are secular and should not have laws limiting religion, but they do. We work side by side with lawyers and policy makers to make countries more inclusive and eventually reduce marginalization and isolation of individuals