Our vision is to advance sustainable peace and security worldwide. We believe in a systems approach to peacebuilding that recognizes the complexity of modern conflict, and which connects the multiple sectors working for peace—making strong linkages between the local, national, regional, and global levels to create a stronger scaffolding for peace.



We cultivate innovation by accelerating and integrating new concepts and approaches to peace and security, and by breaking down sectoral silos. We encourage inventive and collaborative programming that strengthens peace-building practice. We push the boundaries of traditional peace-building and effectiveness, and pioneer new connections across sectors in related fields. Across our work, we build strong connections with key stakeholders in the policy, academic, media, and NGO communities.


We harness our wide community to strengthen the voice of peace-building, and to create more rigorous, effective practice. We encourage a culture of learning, monitoring and evaluation across the field, in order to develop an evidence-based approach to complex social change. We attract new resources for the conflict prevention and peace-building field, in order to effect stronger joint action.


We influence the broader peace-building field by fostering an understanding of the systemic approach to peacebuilding, and creating a broad constituency for peace with non-government organizations (NGOs). We raise public awareness and promote social action through the use of media and effective storytelling, across a range of platforms and settings.


  1. Support nonviolence in its true meaning
  2. Help resolve conflicts between the people and the governments in order to reduce and finally abolish violence.
  3. Help free all prisoners of conscious around the world.
  4. Abolish Laws like Death Penalty and etc.
  5. Help Stop Violence Against Women
  6. Educate women and young girls to know  their Legal Rights and promote them
  7. Educating parents about the danger of violent behavior toward children on their future
  8. Raise awareness about Nonviolent Ideology and its importance in a diverse society
  9. Advocate for Dialogue instead of engagement in conflict
  10. Support initiatives that help eliminate Poverty as it is one of the main causes for violent behavior.
  11. Education and housing for Orphan children to advance in studies instead of involvement in marginalized groups, gangs, and etc.
  12. Publish Research Editorials about important everyday topics
  13. Empower and Aid projects and Initiatives that align with the Nonviolent Ideology and Organization’s Bylaws.