Germany’s New China Strategy

In a recent enlightening event organized by the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), the spotlight fell on Germany’s pivotal role in steering the course of China’s future strategy and the paramount significance of fostering strong bilateral relations.

The event witnessed a notable address by His Excellency Andreas Michaelis, Germany’s Ambassador, emphasizing the need for strategic leverage to influence China’s evolving policy landscape. As the largest member of the European Union, Germany wields considerable sway, holding a substantial share of China’s investments. Director of Freemuslim, Mujtaba Akhwand attended this event. Mr. Akhwand underscored the profound potential that nations like Germany possess in reshaping the trajectory of human rights not only within China but also across the global spectrum.

Germany’s historical journey holds invaluable lessons. Having confronted the misuse of power and weathered dark periods of discrimination and marginalization, the nation emerged resilient. This history forms a strong foundation upon which Germany can stand as a vanguard for change, particularly concerning China. The task at hand is to shift from complacency towards active engagement – a mission that Germany is poised to excel in.

Crucially, the event celebrated the appointment of H.E. Andreas Michaelis as the Ambassador to the United States, a position that augments Germany’s influence on the international stage. With unwavering optimism, we anticipate Germany’s continued dedication to exemplify harmonious coexistence and advocate for global peace. By engaging constructively with China, Germany can help prevent the recurrence of the mistakes witnessed elsewhere, ensuring that human rights remain paramount and marginalized communities find their voices heard. As the world watches, we extend our sincere wishes for Germany’s triumph in this noble endeavor.