Innovative Methods of Promoting Women Rights 

One of the most important steps in achieving gender equality is to promote women’s rights. Innovative approaches have the potential to expedite this procedure.

Using technology is one approach. Women and girls can benefit from equal rights and chances to learn, speak up, access essential services, grow their businesses, and obtain financial products through the use of technology. But we also need to make sure that advancements in technology don’t benefit only a small group of people. There are still three billion people without Internet access, most of them being women and girls. As a result, it’s critical to guarantee that everyone can access technology.

The encouragement of women’s economic empowerment is another cutting-edge strategy. Giving women access to financial resources, education, and training is one way to do this. The United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) has brought attention to a number of creative strategies that have been effective in advancing women’s economic empowerment across the globe. These strategies include using mobile technology, entrepreneurship training, and microfinance.

There are additional creative strategies to advance women’s rights in addition to these. For instance, the UN Women’s Entity has provided eight easy steps that anybody can take to advance women’s rights. These include speaking up, educating others and yourself, backing women-owned companies, and volunteering for groups that advance gender equality. The promotion of women’s rights via social media is another example. Disinformation, misinformation, online violence, and sexist hate speech against women, human rights advocates, politicians, and journalists worldwide have all increased as a result of social media.

Freemuslim applauds the efforts made by any organization and community which leads to the promotion of women’s rights and welcomes the progressive digital movement that is a revolution on this path. At the same time, we believe that policy makers should put more pressure on digital media organizations to implement algorithms that detect violence against women in their systems, just as when someone uploads content that contains violence, it is filtered before it is broadcast. These algorithms allow perpetrators of sexual assault, child molestation, human trafficking, domestic violence, and violence against women and girls to not be targeted as much as those who upload bloody images that are quickly filtered. We urge policymakers and companies to move their policies towards positive and filter all negative and violent content. All of this will help women to feel safe in the environment they live in and be more motivated.