Equal Pay for Equal Work: A Human Right


One of the fundamental principles of human rights is that all people are equal in dignity and worth. This means that people’s income should not be limited due to their gender, faith, or nationality. However, in many parts of the world, women still face discrimination and pay gaps that undermine their economic and social status. Women are as important in society as men are when it comes to shaping the future of the society. They contribute to various fields of work, education, culture, politics, and development. Therefore, they deserve to be paid fairly and equally for their work and skills. Countries that reduce someone’s pay due to their gender, nationality, or faith reduce a human’s value based on specifications they set forth themselves. These limitations are human-made and geographically altered. They do not reflect the true potential and diversity of humanity. They also create a culture of injustice, resentment, and violence that harms the social fabric and peace.

Freemuslim, promoting human rights, condemns the limitation of individuals due to differences between minorities and majorities. Freemuslim suggests looking for the advantages in people as opposed to differences. Someone who has higher education should get paid more as opposed to someone who is different in race, gender, or religion should be paid less. We also believe that society should promote healthy and constructive competition instead of reasons to reduce a human being’s value. Competition should be based on merit, performance, and innovation, not on arbitrary factors such as gender, faith, or nationality. This way, the society can benefit from the talents and contributions of all its members, regardless of their background.

Equal pay for equal work is not only a matter of justice, but also a matter of human rights. It is a sign of respect and recognition for the dignity and worth of every person. It is also a source of motivation and empowerment for women and men alike. It is time to end the discrimination and pay gaps that hinder the progress and prosperity of the society. It is time to uphold the human right to equal pay for equal work.