Freemuslim celebrates the World Hijab Day and applauds all women who choose to wear hijab by willpower as opposed to following a tradition, country law, or tribal rule. Unfortunately in some countries it is the tribal rule, social norm and/or other non-religious beliefs that sets rules and regulations for a human being, and the willpower to make decision has been given to someone, an elderly, or often a political system of governance. Hijab is a religious ruling and cannot and should not be controlled and limited by any organization, political party, or country law. There are countries that limit a woman’s choice to wear Hijab and there are  also countries where the government forces headscarf upon women. Both methodologies are wrong and lead to no solution. France is a prime example of a country where Hijab is limited and until this day women are forced to remove their Hijab if they like to work for a governmental entity. Afghanistan and some countries in the Middle East are prime examples of countries that force Hijab upon women as a country wide rule. Then we see countries like India where there are more than nine of the World’s most followed religious affiliations coexist in one country but yet the government limits Hijab and bans it in educational facilities and governmental entities. Most of the democratic countries give the ability to make such important decision to every woman individually. Countries that are inclusive and promote freedom of choice facilitate a platform and opportunity for people to do their own research and make a choice freely.

Islam has clear guidelines for what is Hijab, what its purpose is and it leaves the choice to each individual. The Holy Quran (2:256) states: “There is no compulsion in religion, the right direction is clearly distinguished from the wrong.”

          Countries that claim to be Islamist / Islamic and have rules making  Hijab mandatory are imposing their own governance rules and regulations upon people and their citizens. The religious guidelines are set for anyone who chooses to follow the lifestyle. For example; when someone chooses to become Vegan, they start following a particular guidelines in order to be a Vegan. Imagine a corporation setting rules that all their employees must be Vegan. Not only it is not its place to make such choice for people, but also this corporation is violating basic human rights like freedom to choose. Same example applies on Hijab rules from Islam. When a human being chooses to be a practicing Muslim, the guidelines are set and clear to follow.


          We see Hijab as lifestyle and promote peaceful coexistence between followers of all faiths. Freemuslim takes pride in its mission to separate purity of religion from ill-acts of extremist groups or Islamist countries that claim to be Islamic but set forth their own rules and regulations and use religion to move their own agendas forward. We also ask countries that limit Hijab to  make changes to the current laws so societies are more inclusive and welcoming to people of all faiths.