The Freemuslim Association Inc., in an open letter, invites the United Nations to make further investigation about the circumstances of bombing Al-Mosel.
FreeMuslim expresses strong dissatisfaction about what happened in regards to the Mosul area in the North of Iraq, inviting the United Nations to procedure clear and serious investigation about circumstances and clarifying the reasons behind it. As medical and on the ground sources revealed, dozens of victims fall from bombing operations by alliance forces, in the Mosul, through the current battles with the terrorist organization ISIS.
The organization entices that falling of big numbers of civilians through battles is a severe signal about the violation of alliance forces for the laws of war and special commandments to spare the civilians and working for their own safety.
Previously, there were statement confliction about the real reasons of falling such numbers between the civilian lines which leads us to a serious investigation to find out the circumstances.
At the same time, the organization stresses on the importance of commitment of the official forces and the foreign forces joining the battle to keep the safety of civilians and prevent them to be in the battles with the terrorist organizations, As well as defending ISIS efforts to shoot down big amount of innocent victims.

FreeMuslim Association Inc.
Washington D.C