Freemuslim Association Inc. calls upon the United Nations to further investigate events of Khan Shaykhun in Northern Syria

Day after day, reports from Syria confirm the depth of the plight of the people beset by bloody fighting for almost six years, while massacres among civilians provoke the international community, which is not stirring up to stop the crisis which has claimed the lives of hundreds of thousands innocent men, women and children so far.

Freemuslim Association Inc., has received reports of the killing of dozens of people in Khan Shaykhun, North of Syria, with deep resentment and condemnation of the bloody crimes targeting civilians indiscriminately by the conflicting parties, disregarding burial customs, national and international humanitarian laws.
According to our trusted and confidential sources present in Northern Syria, some of the militia group and rebels have reportedly used internationally banned chemical weapons, causing the deaths of children, women and the elderly, without confirming unequivocally those responsible for the use of prohibited weapons.
The organization stresses the need for the UN Commission to establish an independent and impartial fact-finding commission to conduct a transparent investigation to reveal the circumstances of the incident and to provide evidence and evidence condemning the perpetrator of the massacre against innocent people as soon as possible.
The situation in Syria requires a genuine settlement that forces all parties to resort to dialogue and understanding to establish systematic rules that limit the loss of life and blood in this country and put everyone in front of a real road map that will restore the security and stability of the Syrian people.
We express our solidarity with the families of the victims, in awe of the Almighty to grant the wounded speedy recovery. And the God of the intent behind