Promoting Peaceful Coexistence through Scriptural Reasoning

Moujtaba Akhwand, director of Freemuslim, attended a Scriptural Reasoning event organized by a collaboration between Rumi Forum and Center for Anglican Communion Studies on Thursday, 18th of January, 2024.

Scriptural Reasoning is an interactive interfaith practice in which people from different backgrounds and different religions affiliations read and discuss short scriptural texts together. It is becoming increasingly popular and  various groups are now found throughout the world engaging in this kind of events. The practice is not limited to any particular religion, and it encourages participants to share their thoughts about each text, regardless of whether they think of it as their own scripture or not.

The participants from different countries and different religions gather around to find and discuss similarities between different faiths which could lead to better understanding and better communication among people.  Moujtaba Akhwand sincerely thanks the organizers and hopes for our organization to be able to add value and depth to this kind of interfaith dialogue. Freemuslim welcomes productive dialogue and advocates for peaceful coexistence to which productive dialogue is an important key.