Teenagers Arrested in Protests in Algeria

News from the local sources gathered by our Inclusion Forum team indicated Algerian authorities have arrested number of teenagers under age of 18 in a protest that took place in Algeria. There has been many cases which human rights violations in detaining these teenagers have been witnessed and a prime example is a young girl who’s charge in political court had been “unarmed gathering.” Young adults are future leaders of a country and their voices and concerns will directly impact the political and social future of that country. Algeria should allow peaceful protests to take place and there should be a platform for people to anonymously voice their opinions and offer constructive input. When voices of people are not heard, they show the importance of that subject by protest, and only be peaceful protests positive results can be achieved.

We ask Algerians to be peaceful at all times and have clear  and realistic expectations for the Algerian government to achieve. Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum asks Algerian authorities to address to the needs of people and facilitate a platform for dialogue.