2023 Crime Rate

The world saw a considerable increase in crimes against Muslims in the year 2023, such as hate speech, different crimes against Muslim women, and vandalism of mosques. A very serious series of assaults were committed against the holy book of Muslims, including Quran burning in some countries including Sweden.

In order to make sure that everyone feels included in the society they live in and that minorities do not fear exclusion, marginalization, or restriction of their rights, it is important to address the distressing rise in Islamophobia.

According to reports, the FBI released its annual national crime statistics which showed that violent crimes, including homicide in the US fell last year to pre-pandemic levels, even as other types of crime increased. The Council on American-Islamic Relations also reported an increase in Islamophobic incidents. Between October 7 and December 2, reports recorded 2,171 reports of bias or requests for help — 172% more than the 2022 two-month average.

In Europe, the crime index by country in 2023, shows that the United Kingdom, France, and Germany are among the countries with the highest crime rates.

German police have recorded 258 anti-Muslim crimes just in the first half of 2023, according to figures by the parliament.

In 2022/23 there were 3,400 religious hate crimes committed against Muslims in England and Wales, which was the most of any religion in that year. Jewish hate crime was the second most-common type of hate crime, at 1,510.

In recent years, there has been a drastic rise in attacks against Muslims in Europe, with representatives from ten European countries and EU officials signing a statement warning of rising hate crimes against Muslims. The statement notes the rising number of hate crimes, hate speech, and threats to civil liberties that have targeted Muslim communities around Europe recently. The group said it was “deeply concerned” for Muslims and called on national authorities to “spare no effort to ensure the safety of Muslim communities, whether it is in places of worship, workplaces, schools, or their homes”.

Other than the crimes committed in the west part of the world, Islamophobia has spread in the east, in countries such as Australia, New Zealand, and especially India and China.

The attacks on all individuals and all religions need to be stopped in the progressive world we live in today and great changes are required.

change happens collectively. People need to be aware of their rights and demand them regardless of their faith and gender and the part of the world they reside in and of course do so through peaceful and proper channels. Policy makers on the other hand need to adopt the changes like the ban that has been put on burning the Quran by the Danish parliament. The countries where the majority of people are Muslims have great responsibility to use all possible ways such as social and economic ties to be carried out in other countries so the oppression of the Muslim minority and different kinds of discrimination and disrespectful behavior against their faith is minimized.

We collaborate with groups that are addressing these issues and put out great effort to lower the aforementioned offenses. We aspire for 2024 to be remembered as the year of rights restoration and a shift toward a safer world, one in which minorities do not fear marginalization or the restriction of their rights and where everyone is welcomed into society.