Worldwide Freedom of Press

Freemuslim’s Inclusion Forum expresses its growing concern about the Tunisian authorities’ measures to restrict the media and press and the ongoing attempts to silence voices, following the arrest of a journalist on Wednesday January 3rd, 202., calling for the necessity of adhering to the laws of freedom of speech and expression and ensuring their preservation.

Oppression of journalists and silencing the voices of those who speak the truth in various parts of the world is not an unfamiliar phenomenon to anyone today. Conflicts between various countries, ideologies, and governments are inevitably reflected in media and not always and everywhere welcome by those in power. Tunisia is not the only country that has oppressed the voice of a journalist recently. The same incident occurred with the journalists speaking of the war between Russia and Ukrain, oppression of media in China, reporting the news of the war between Palestine and Israel, and also with the journalists of India. Despite the nature of the news covered and the religion and ethnicity of the reporters, they need to be safe from political persecution so their stories are heard. Freemuslim is a humanitarian organization and stays away from all political affiliations. Our concern is mainly in areas of the world where political circumstances directly effect civilian lives and limitations on humanitarian aid and transparency of the news is sacrificed through out conflicts between two country or any involved group. Civilian lives should be spared from political conflicts and there should be a clear separation between two sides of war and involvement of civilians into unwanted and unasked for conflicts.

Freemuslim constantly reviews human rights reports concerning repression and intimidation of institutions and individuals working in the press and media community, embodied in the arrests and closure of press institutions and prison warnings for political opponents.

The organization emphasizes that these illegal practices blatantly violate the constitutional articles guaranteeing public rights, rights of journalism, the right to freedom of peaceful opposition and expression and warns against sliding into the abyss of tyranny and dictatorship