Freemuslim is an anti-violence organization that is dedicated to promoting peace and human rights globally. As a New Year’s resolution, Freemuslim aims to promote peace worldwide by taking the following actions:

1. Promote Women’s Rights
2. Abolish Death Penalty Laws
3. Promote Non-Violence Globally
4. Educate Muslim Men and Women of their Legal Rights Globally
5. Promote Children’s Rights and Reduce Domestic Violence
6. Promote Diversity and Inclusion
7. Advocate for Dialogue Instead of Engaging in Conflict
8. Free Prisoners of Conscience
9. Separate Purity of Islam from Acts of Extremist Groups

In addition to above goals, we focus on restoration of rights for minorities that have been oppressed and forced into displacement or to become refugees in countries that are not Home to them. We also than all those who have spend effort to ease someone’s life and reached across the aisle to promote peace, prosperity. These actions will help promote peace and human rights worldwide and create a better future for all