Muslim Scholar Killed Outside New Jersey Mosque

Imam Hassan Sharif, the resident scholar of Masjid Muhammad in Newark New Jersey died from his injuries after he was shot by gunfire targeting him in front of the mosque in Newark.
Officials are searching for the shooters while the true motive behind the attack is still unknown and under investigation.  According to global events and the increasing bias against many communities, especially the Muslim community, Muslims in different parts of the United States, Canada and Europe are  experiencing an increasing sense of fear. Sharif, who was known for his efforts to fight violence in the community, had mentioned in August that he had been held at gunpoint outside the mosque that day. Unfortunately some of these crimes are not investigated enough and causes of attacks towards houses of worship or resident scholars are labeled as neighborhood related attacks, hence not enough attention is given to crimes until someone is killed or an entire congregation is terrorized by hate-crime in order for authorities to pay a closer attention to rise of Anti-Islam attacks. Freemuslim advocates for harmony and peaceful coexistence and requests Newark authorities to investigate the case thoroughly in order to figure out who committed the terrible crime and furthermore increase the security for mosques and houses of worship in general and regardless of the religion.