Women Empowerment, Major Step in Peace, Reconciliation & Capacity Building


Major Step in Peace, reconciliation & Capacity Building

A conference to discuss the social, civil, and religious rights of women, held by  Freemuslim Association Inc. at the 31st Human Rights Council, in Geneva, Switzerland on the 10th of March.

Hosted by Freemuslim Association Inc., and Shia Rights Watch, this event will enable attendees to come together and learn more about the challenges faced by women globally and emphasize on practical step towards peace, reconciliation, and capacity building.

Freemuslim Association Inc. hopes to contribute to betterment in status of women and girls in troubled regions, through cooperating with other organizations dedicated to protection and advocacy of rights of women

In this event,  Polisario Front Representative Ms. Miamine Abdeslam addressed challenges Western Sahara Women faced starting in 1970s,  and shared lessons learned and preventive measures were suggested by Ms. abdeslam for Shia women and Minorities around the globe to utilize the unfortunate events of past towards productive measures to achieve results in case of innocent Women and girls in Middle East and other regions of the world.

Mr. Ali Al- Ahmad, Executive Director of Gulf Institute, and Founder of ‘No Woman, No Play,’ initiative and emphasized on importance of sport in mental and physical health being of Women globally, and in particular countries where women are prevented from being active and be part of sport teams.

Ms. Nadia Alkotbi, Iraqi Woman Organization, shed light on disabled women , either by life events; or due to terror attacks through out the Middle East, and ways to include disabled women and girls in jobs, organizations, and other entities.

Focusing on:

  • Capacity Building at Home, Psychology of Effective Change
  • Girls of Today, Women Leaders of Tomorrow
  • Migration, Integration and Adopting Change; the Road Ahead
  • Woman Rights, National and International Challenges