Freemuslim likes to thank people of Iraq and heir hospitality for hosting more than 40 million Arbaen  Walk to Karbala participants. Every year millions of people, all varied in age, ethnicity, skin color, faith, and culture taking part in a walkathon that lasts between three-to-14days depending on what city one may have started their journey.

This year more than 40 million people visited the city of Karbala, South of Iraq, during weeks long ceremony.  During this year’s Arbaen ceremony, people were alert about any suspicious objects in their journey. Security forces showed the utmost respect for the visitors and tried to accommodate their needs or direct them towards the right direction.

As an organization that promotes healthy and peaceful coexistence for people of all nations, we applaud the effort of Government of Iraq, Security forces, on duty, or volunteers. We also thank the doctors and nurses volunteering their time to address medical needs of more than 144 thousand people with minor -moderate injuries. Special Thanks to Iraqi Tribe leaders who facilitated comfortable places for all the visitors.

Arbaen Walk to Karbala is indeed world’s largest walkathon and will power, and hospitality of Iraqi people makes that possible.


Freemuslim Association Inc