Extremist groups are not only a problem on the right of American politics but also a problem that exists on the left too. Anarchists have been a threat in American politics since 1919 in a series of Anarchist bombings targeting high ranking bureaucrats and politicians. Ever since then Anarchists and other leftist organizations have used a mixture of legitimate and illegal tactics to pursue their political goals of anti-globalization and anti-capitalism (What). Anarchists believe that all laws, governments, corporations, and security forces should be abolished. Because of the radical nature of this change, many anarchists believe that this can only be achieved hrough violent opposition to the state and to corporations. This is achieved through a number of means especially through inciting riots, attempting assassinations on police and government officials, attacking symbols of government and corporate influence, and the destruction of private property. One high profile Anarchist attack is the shooting of two police officers in Las Vegas in 2014 (Morlin). Anarchists also associate themselves with anti-police and anti-government protests like in the Ferguson riots or the #OccupyWallStreet movements. Anarchists will usually only target major events that will gain a large amount of national media attention like a major economic summit or a major civil rights protest in response to a national tragedy like a police shooting a minority (Anarchists).