When Muslims commit acts of terrorism throughout the world, they are often labeled as acts of terror that are the norm for all of Islam. The reality is that these acts are almost universally condemned by American Muslims and Imams whenever they occur. When a Muslim man shot and killed forty nine patrons at an Orlando gay bar, many Muslims went to twitter to condemn the attack calling it un-Islamic (Durando). This begs the question as to why terrorism committed in the name of Islam even occurs at all in the US if the response from American Muslims universally condemns terrorism whenever it occurs. The source of this terrorism comes in large part from Muslims who are not particularly good Muslims. ISIS targets people who do not posses a very good understanding of Islam or the Qu’ran. This allows for ISIS to fool many young men into believing that terrorism is sanctioned in the Qu’ran by reading selectively from it and ignoring the messages of peace and tolerance that run counter to the interests of the leadership (Koerner). These men then go off to either travel to Syria or try to commit terrorist acts at home. The biggest threat from ISIS inspired extremism is from lone wolf attacks rather than the major cell operations that Al-Qaeda practiced when they were relevant in the early to mid 2000’s (Worth).