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Freemuslim Association Strongly Condemns Terrorist Attacks in Sri Lanka

It is saddening to see more than 300 people are confirmed dead, and there are over 500 people injured. Our heartfelt condolences go to the family of victims, but also all Sri Lankans. Terrorist attacks against any ethnicity, culture, faith or gender should be seen equally painful and saddening to all who are exposed to its news. Hereby we at Freemuslim Association ask Sri Lanka state officials to investigate and arrest everyone involved in these inhumane acts of violence. Violence against one person is violence against the entire humanity, and we, the international humanitarian community, need to work collectively...

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Freemuslim; The Unrest in Libya and rise in casualties

Freemuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention is deeply concerned about the political unrest in the State of Libya and the resulting escalation, demanding that all warring parties comply with international laws to spare civilians the damage of wars. At the same time, the organization expresses deep sorrow for the outbreak of armed conflict in Libya, a country that continues to suffer from the consequences of the overthrow of the former dictatorial regime and its repressive policies, and the ensuing security, political, economic and social conflicts. The organization believes that the leaders of the warring parties in Libya must...

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Inclusion Forum’s Statement for Arrival of Spring

Spring is the season associated with the rebirth of the Earth.  On behalf of our team at the Inclusion Forum, would like to take this opportunity and congratulate people around the world. Symbolic nature of spring may be seen as a sign for “renewal of hope” and taken as an opportunity to reinstate our obligation towards human rights. We live in an era where many countries throughout the world are undergoing humanitarian turmoil, and it is essential to seek an opportunity to make positive and productive changes.  People have lived side by side, shoulder by shoulder in the Middle...

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The Next Steps for Combatting Terrorist Travel

Our director of De-Radicaliztion & Extremism Prevention, Mujtaba Akhwand, attended an event hosted by the Heritage Foundation titled “the Next Steps for Combating Terrorist Travel,” Throughout this event Ambassador Nathan Sales, Coordinator for Counterterrorism for the U.S Department of State, shared valuable insight about ways to recognize a threat, how to reduce chances of allowing a terrorist to travel and cross borders, and how to be most effective in long-term elimination of the threat. Mr. Akhwand emphasized on the fact that there are two types of terrorists in our era: a Salafi/Wahabi extremist who poses threat to anyone and...

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Freemuslim Condemns Attacks on Mosques in Birmingham, UK.

United Kingdom has endured hundreds of thousands of minorities, ethnicities, and religious multi-dimensional affiliations within itself for years. Our De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention reports indicate of growth of radicalization throughout Europe. Attacks on 5 different houses of worship, Mosques located in Birmingham United Kingdom by a masked person throwing objects at the windows and breaking the glass is an indicator of a growth of radicalizations within the United Kingdom. The police departments in United Kingdom and across Europe play a key role in reducing the violence and/or eliminating the threat, hence it is essential for community leaders to stay...

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