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Protests in Algeria

Freemuslim Center for De-radicalization & Extremism Prevention is deeply concerned about the unnecessary escalation of violence in Algeria in dealing with protesters. We urge the protesters to remain %100 peaceful in their inquiry for their rights, as violence only escalates the situation towards a gridlock which not only it does not lead to results, people’s lives are also put in danger for no gain. We also urge the Algerian government to confront the protesters in peace, and allow peaceful protests to carry on. Protests are a citizen’s rights, it is more beneficial to allow peaceful protest to become a...

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Condition of Prisoners in Morocco

Recently we have received testimonies from Moroccans regarding more than 4600 prisoners in Morocco whom have been imprisoned due to political disruption accusations, but never received official court judgement for their crimes. Testimonies indicate a great number of these individuals are mentally ill and are imprisoned due to unknown grounds. Mentally ill individuals require special attention and expertise to deal with their mental illness, and imprisoning them without any reason only decreases their chances of becoming better or cured. We ask the Moroccan authorities to look into the matter and either clarify the charges against these prisoners or facilitate...

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Detainees in Morocco

Freemuslim Association’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention is deeply concerned about the circumstances of peaceful protestors who have been detained in Morocco. Our Moroccan correspondence has informed us of the possibility of physical and psychological torture of protestors. According to ground evidence, protestors have held a peaceful protest in Morocco and sadly have faced the use of unnecessary force by the government forces. We ask the Moroccan authorities to release the detainees and allow the protestors to hold protests. Protests are ways a society ventilates about a social issue, and as long as it is done peacefully, there...

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The Future of US Policy on Syria

Aidan Britto, a researcher at Freemuslim, Center for De-radicalization and Extremism Prevention (CDREP)  attended an event at the foundation For Political, Economic, and Social Research. The think tank focused on the future of U.S policy on Syria. The event was hosted by three panelists, who all have expert knowledge in the area that shared their thoughts and opinions. Luke Coffey, director of the Douglas and Allison Center for Foreign Policy and former U.S military personal believes the U.S should continue to withdraw their troops for Syria. Coffey emphasized how the U.S still hasn’t fully withdrawn from the conflict, and...

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Unrest in Lebanon

Freemuslim’s Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention (CDREP) warns of worsening circumstances in Lebanon, to the point that international and domestic laws in Lebanon may be violated. It is with great sorrow to witness the abductions of some protesters and also torture-for-information methods being used by government forces. Lebanon is a diverse country and people of different faith have coexisted for years peacefully, with respect to each other’s believes and ideologies, religious or political. We urge the Lebanese people to maintain Lebanon’s heritage of peaceful coexistence and practice tolerance for each other’s viewpoints. Violence leads to remorse and is...

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