Rise in Hate-Crime in  USA & Canada

Freemuslim expresses its concern about the growing hate-crime towards Muslims in the West, warning of undesirable consequences if these reprehensible acts increase. Our organization has reviewed data indicating that an extremist group attacked a mosque in Mississauga recently, coinciding with the anniversary of the attack on the Quebec City mosque.

We believe that these violations represent a major threat to civil and societal peace within Canada and portend undesirable consequences if repeated. Freemuslim calls on Canadian government in all its capacity to renounce and condemn these violations in addition to the importance of the authorities finding the perpetrators and bringing them to justice.

In the same context, we also viewed video scenes of a violent attack on a Muslim female student in  Chicago while other students were either video taping the incident or simply inciting the incident by their lack of action.

Muslim women are attacked for wearing hijab in some parts of the world without justification and only for practicing their religion. Freemuslim condemns these hateful attacks and calls for curbing this phenomenon and punishing its promoters and perpetrators.