Human rights are rights that should be respected equally and without discrimination for all humans. These rights include rights such as the right to life, freedom, education, work, freedom of expression, the right to practice religion, the right to have a family, the right to have a nationality, and the right to a fair trial. Human rights are very important because all humans should be equal and no one should be discriminated against based on gender, race, religion, skin color, language, nationality, social status, beliefs, physical characteristics, faith, or any other reason. Unfortunately, these rights have not always included women, and the struggle to achieve them has been one of the longest struggles of our time. Women contribute to society as much as men do and often more, but when it comes to their rights; their journey equal rights has been a rough one with minimal results.

Freemuslim is a strong advocate for women rights in society, and believe that women rights needs to be customized based on different locations. For example seeking women rights in Africa is different from European women’s desire to be paid equally. African women are still seeking to gain bare minimal human rights in many areas and cities. Women in the Middle East have a different requirement and needs than women in Asia, North America, South America or elsewhere. Director of Freemuslim, Moujtaba Akhawnd reiterates the importance of uniting efforts in a localized matter to achieve tangible results. What is needed in one area may not be applicable in other continents and wise versa.

One of the important parts of women’s rights is the right to personal choice, in particular when it comes to clothing and hijab, as it is seen a basic human right for women who choose to wear it.

We celebrate World Hijab Day and urge all governments to allow comprehensive freedom and freedom of choice in clothing and hijab for women. We also support freedom in the field of hijab for Muslims. Hijab has various types, and everyone should be free to choose it as part of their attire.