Freemuslim Association Introduces its activities and humanitarian work: Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention focuses on policies, laws, legislations in different countries where people are marginalized due to those policies, conducts regional in-depth research by consulting experts in the field and promotes constructive suggestions to reduce marginalization. Extremism is NOT a religious thing, it’s not cultural; it is an ill concept of ‘I, mine, my path VERSUS our needs, we, our path. ( Selfishness Vs selflessness ) Our Center for Extremism Prevention focuses on effective methodologies and concepts to prevent someone from becoming marginalized and hence extremist through our Inclusion Forum. Our inclusion Forum has one simple concept: Increasingly adopting policies and ways minorities (Religious, Ethnic, and Cultural ) feel included in our growing societies; more they become part of the cloth of society and more patriotic towards it. Women Rights Initiative: We promote and empower women rights globally. Our advocacy for women rights is customized to the women need of every country. Women in Africa ( Female Genital Mutilation aka FGM ) have different needs that women in a modern European country ( Equal Pay ) than women in some parts of the Middle East ( Right to vote ) and many other places. Women Rights is Human Rights, and we are global advocates for that. Youth Peace builders: Potential of youth needs to be recognized, empowered, and utilized in a positive and constructive manner if we want to prevent a extremist recruiter to pull them towards a negative and dark path.