March 8th marks “the International Women’s Day.” On behalf our team of volunteers and staff, we congratulate women of all ages and from all countries for this day. Women in societies where freedom and prosperity is easier to achieve have a burden on their shoulders, the burden to promote similar rights for women and girls in countries where basic human rights are violated.

In European countries the quest for Women Rights Equality focuses on Equal Pay concepts, and similar, whereas in developing countries; women struggle to achieve very primitive human rights. In Africa for example; Female Genital Mutilation ( FGM ) remains a huge struggle for women in all ages, in the Middle East women have to battle a system of “Men Ruling Societies,” and in some other parts of the world, women still live in dark side of humanity and reaching ray of light is a dream, let alone a reality.

It is essential for all women and men to promote and advocate for women rights, but more importantly promote women rights appropriate for women of a region as oppose to setting up a platform general for the globe, where it’s too far for some women to even imagine, and so close for some others that don’t even bother to try. Setting up realistic and achievable goals is important.