Freemuslim nonviolence organization Calls the United Nations, the Security Council, and the international community to take a serious stand to counter terrorism, and the countries which support the activities of the Takfirist terrorist groups.

In a statement, the organization stated, “In the past fifteen years, and after the tragedy of September eleven, it was not possible for the international community to reduce the phenomenon of terrorism, which originates from the ideology of Wahhabism. And there still are many countries in the world, whose communities suffer from blind terrorism which targets the innocent. Or solve the humanitarian crisis for that matter.”

These days, the international community pays respect to the victims of the tragedy of September eleven which has resulted in the death of thousands of innocent civilians. And unfortunately, such human rights violations continue to this very day. And the terrorist groups, carry out series of attacks on many of the capitals and cities around the world.
Over the past years, the terrorists have managed to increase their activities in many urban areas, especially across the Middle East, and the European countries.”

The organization also pointed that “There are still some pillars of terrorism active around the Globe, and they help, support, and fund the Takfiri terrorist organizations, yet the international community was incapable of stopping them, due to the political agendas that some countries have.

Moreover, the organization considered the deviant ideology of Wahhabism as the origin of the activities of Al-Qaeda terrorists, Daesh terrorists, Al-Nusra front, Buku Haram and Taliban; all of whom resort to violence and killing to achieve their goals.

In addition, the organization explained that the financial and moral support of the terrorist organizations still continues to this very day.
And all the western countries are fully aware of this truth, yet they are not taking any serious measures against it, due to their political agendas.
In the end, this organization demanded the international community to take some serious measures to put an end to the civil war in Syria, Yemen, and so on.

And pointed that lawlessness, as well as not supporting the democratic governments which fight terror through military actions such as Pakistan and Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Libya and Nigeria was the cause for the spread of violence and terrorism. “