Forced Displacement in Jammu and Kashmir

          Freemuslim has conducted detailed research and has concluded that there has been a systematic increase of violence against Muslims in Jammu and Kashmir. Lack of support from Indian justice system has made it easy for anyone or group to violate rights of Muslims and other minorities in India and get away with it without fear of prosecution. Freemuslim asks Indian authorities to implement a system of governance that is more inclusive of all minorities in the society. A society that is based on coexistence of people from different backgrounds, cultures and faiths can not only adhere to rights of majority population and forget the rights of everyone else. We ask countries that have a diverse population to become more inclusive in their policies. Demolishing houses, burning merchandise, shunning, name calling, social limitations and other radical actions do not lead to tangible results and any dispute delays advancement in other ways. Societies need to establish a common ground so basic human rights of all individuals are met.