World Social Justice Day

World Social Justice Day is symbolically remembered on the February 20th and is a good reminder for all those involved in social justice to amp up their efforts to achieve tangible results. Freemuslim celebrates this day as a reminder that there is a long road ahead of us in the field of human right activity. Social Justice has two folds and both are as important in restoring justice. Millions of people have lost a loved-one to tragic accidents which have been fueled by hate, discrimination or ignorance.  Our research shows there is a direct link between dialogue and reduction of discrimination. Increased dialogue leads to better understanding of differences and it opens doors to use the differences to gain similarities.

Restoring justice is very important in providing closure to families who have lost a loved-one and as importantly is to adopt changes in the society so all residents are welcomed. The constitution of many countries have been written decades ago and the world has seen major changes in just the last decade. In order for residents of a country to coexist peacefully laws of the country should facilitate a platform to voice their differences and gain grounds on the similarities.

We ask countries to help families of loved-ones to gain closure for their deceased loved-ones killed due to discrimination, hate-crime or violence , we also ask countries to adopt changes in the society that leads to prevention of crimes. Majority of crimes can be reduced with adaptation of laws that are more inclusive  and facilitation of platforms for people to voice their opinions and/or seek changes in the society peacefully. Violence is never the answer  to disputes nor it is a way of solving concerns or deal with them, we encourage peaceful coexistence and dialogue and hope differences can lead to finding similarities. Diversity and increased tolerance for differences leads to decrease in hate-crimes and attacks based on discrimination.