Your Highnesses, Excellencies, Leaders, kings and heads of Arab countries participating in the Mecca Summit

Peace, mercy and blessings of God be upon you

In the most difficult and sensitive circumstances, you meet in a sacred month on a Holy city to deal with the Ummah’s issues amidst complex circumstances.

 As leaders of Muslim countries, the important responsibility to keep unity among our countries in on your shoulders.Hundreds of thousand of people are in critical conditions. Many people  face dire medical attention. Majority of these people live in war zones in below minimum international standards. Women, men and children were displaced from their hometowns and are forced into migrating to countries where culture, religion and environments are far away from their upbringing. We have lost generations of youth at a price that can not be replaced or substituted by any means.

Islamic culture and governing system has solutions for all sorts of conflicts since none of these circumstances are new to the Islamic Ummah ( nation ). Prophet of Islam applied rules were people felt welcomed in his governance, citizens of many faiths and genders coexisted with each other happily and contributed to their societies willingly.

Whereas today; hundreds of millions of dollars has been spend on wars with no good result, devastated millions of people, displaced millions more, and we are far away from peaceful coexistence. Money spent could and should be utilized towards building our countries, facilitating competitive environment for growth and  advocating for equal rights for all levels of society, regardless of faith, gender, religion, culture or skin color.

In light of your historical, legal and humanitarian responsibilities, you are faced with a challenge that, despite its extreme gravity, entails simple solutions that require the initiative to engage in dialogue, debate and affirmation of the universal participants that are much larger than the existing differences.

We ask God almighty to bestow blessing upon you and all of us and assist us in achieving peace and prosperity