Children’s cognitive development has many aspects to it, it starts from a nourishing environment at home, rich nutrition which helps the brain and the body, a place to play and develop motor skills, and also a welcoming society to allow the child the take the important steps to become a teenager, a young adult, and finally and adult who can become a contributor to the society. If the initial steps of development are not taken properly, a child will not have the proper skills nor the ability to behave as a healthy adult and bare responsibility.

Physical well-being, education, nourishment, and nutrition are the essential ingredients for a healthy child. Unfortunately in many countries, children are forced to skip some of these steps, and instead are expected to behave like a person they do not have the ability to be like. A child that has not have proper nutrition, a child that has not been nourished and cared for by a family structure, a child that has not played and explored her/his motor skills, or a child that has not have adequate education will not be able to evolve to an adult who can bare responsibilities and contribute to the future of the society.

In some societies, children are forced to start earn money from a young age to support their families due to reasons like losing father or older sibling at an early age, in some countries children are forced into child labor early on because their families do not have sufficient income to support themselves and the social services of that country is unable or unwilling to lift up the financial burden. It is essential for children to go through the developmental steps properly, and develop a healthy brain and body. It is unfortunate to see some countries rather have a workforce that does the job today, and are not paying attention to the danger of having a generation of adults in near future that has not properly developed physically, mentally, and emotionally.

We strongly condemn the child labor and ask countries to develop programs that allows for families with low income to send their children into schools and learn adequate education, to allow families who have lost the bread winner for the house and are forced to send young children into work force to find alternative solutions for the next person in charge of the family so children won’t be forced to skip essential steps in development.

At Freemuslim, we believe that children  of today are leaders of tomorrow, and is necessary to build our future healthy, strong and capable of leading the future and encountering challenges ahead of them.We also recognize and suggest firm laws to encounter companies that hire children under legal working age, and as countries to establish legal punishments for those who break the law and install incentives for companies who end child labor so positive choices are recognized and empowered.