International Peace Day


Freemuslim is an organization that promotes peaceful coexistence and harmony among people around the world of different backgrounds and beliefs. It does not ask anyone to compromise their identity or values, but to respect and appreciate the diversity. We believe that diversity enriches societies and helps nations see and acknowledge different ways.

Freemuslim pictures a society in which people can live in peaceful coexistence and form dialogue and learn instead of conflict and division. It believes that peace is essential for the progress and improvement of humanity in various fields, such as science, technology,  and education. We encourage people to focus on building a future where all the people feel included and valued, and not destroying the bridges that connect us.

Freemuslim also encourages governments to provide platforms for people to express their opinions and demand changes in a peaceful manner. It believes that peace and harmony can only be achieved through the collective effort of nations and governments, and there can be no advancement in any field without peace.