Different Approaches Are Needed to Achieve Universal Women Rights

Freemuslim celebrates March 8th as International Women’s day. Every year this day is celebrated to emphasize on the rights of women and girls in the society. In many parts of the world women rights have been reduced to minimal and/or it’s a case where the government makes decision for women and assumes what their rights are supposed to be. We take this opportunity to congratulate all women and girls of the International Women’s day and also remind both men and women that it takes collective efforts to restore women rights and gain tangible results. There are a few important details to pay attention to:

A: Women rights advocacy needs to be addressed differently in different regions. For example what is needed for women in Africa is different that what is needed for women in Europe, the Middle East, or Asia for instance. One policy does not fit all, and all women rights should not be generalized into a broad request for equality. Women in Afghanistan and some parts of Africa still fight their basic human right of being recognized as members of the society whereas women in Europe and the United States look for equal pay at work place or other gender specific rights. Different approaches are needed based on the geographical location.

B: Religious affiliation should be seen as a whole package as opposed to “pick and choose” laws. All religions offer set of rules and regulations and Islam is no exception. When laws are picked and chosen based on comfort of individual or what a government wants to interoperate laws as.

C: Change is possible when the mindset is ready to accept and adopt changes. Advocacy for women and girls’s rights needs to be addressed in a way that the culture of what women rights are changes and women and men alike believe in the rights that are being advocated.

Freemuslim stands for rights of all individuals in the society as equals in all aspects and urges governments to adopt laws that promote healthy changes in the society where all are equal in their pursuit of happiness and success.