Freemuslim welcomes the return of Iranian-Saudi relations

Freemuslim welcomes the return of Iranian-Saudi relations, hoping that this reconciliation will be reflected in peace and security for the peoples of the two countries including neighboring countries.  The estrangement between the two states contributed to the crystallization of critical positions for the people of the region as a whole, and the outbreak of political conflicts and hostilities that had repercussions on civil peace and  stability, in addition to the emergence of serious problems, in which civilians and innocent people were its victim. Therefore, the organization hopes that the two countries will do justice to the anyone who has been wrongly effected by the previous conflicts between two countries including Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and Iraq to name the mostly impacted regions. We also ask the authorities of both countries to release prisoners of conscious and facilitate platforms for people to voice their opinions and constructive criticism openly without fear of imprisonment or other forms of limitations.