Iraq’s October Elections

Majority of the protestors who cannot become part of a political group and become part of the political change the country faces either join protestors in demanding change, join Militia groups, or simply give up on demanding change due to unclear path to bring change to the Iraq’s current governing system.

In a Question & Answer session with the speakers Freemuslim’s director suggested candidates must represent those are protesting or create a platform for people to voice their opinions. We urge Iraqis to protest peacefully and find peaceful ways to bring change to the country. Positively contributing to the future of Iraq leads to a proper change that can last a long time, and violent protest are only short-term gains for the protestors but rarely reflect a long term change.

Freemuslim’s director, Mr. Akhwand also recommended there should be a mechanism to evaluate the eligibility of candidacy for any political, social or economical post in Iraq. Proof record that the candidate has positively contributed to future of Iraq is a must. Their relations with people of their party or those who oppose them also portrays the ability to lead Iraq and respect the diversity existing in Iraq. Iraq is a Multi-Culture &  Multi-Faith country and a representative who understands and respects such diversity may lead Iraqis towards prosperity.