Aidan Britto, a researcher at Freemuslim, Center for De-radicalization and Extremism Prevention (CDREP)  attended an event at the foundation For Political, Economic, and Social Research. The think tank focused on the future of U.S policy on Syria.

The event was hosted by three panelists, who all have expert knowledge in the area that shared their thoughts and opinions. Luke Coffey, director of the Douglas and Allison Center for Foreign Policy and former U.S military personal believes the U.S should continue to withdraw their troops for Syria. Coffey emphasized how the U.S still hasn’t fully withdrawn from the conflict, and how they don’t need to pick a side when a civil war breaks out. Mona Yacoubian, Senior Advisor for Syria, the Middle East, and North Africa, The United States Institute of Peace, and Kilic B. Kanat, Research Director, The SETA Foundation in Washington DC shared their expert opinions on the subject which lead to a dialogue regarding the necessity of making right decisions politically and weighing the consequences of military withdraws and the vacuum any withdraws creates which may also lead to more recruitment by extremist groups.

Freemuslim, Center for De-Radicalization & Extremism Prevention believes winning the war against ISIS requires understanding their motives and keeping in mind their agenda, which ultimately is the elimination of everybody else unless they adhere to their ill-minded perspective. ISIS follows a Wahabi and Salafi school of thought and a collective social, military, global effort is needed to limit its expansion and hopefully lead to its elimination.