On behalf of our team of volunteers and staff, we would like to congratulate you for the arrival of holy month of Ramadhan. We ask Allah to bestow his blessings upon all us, especially during the extraordinary times where many in the world are faced by a pandemic outbreak. We can collectively take advantage of this month, and assist those who need our help financially or emotionally.

Many people are effected by Covid-19 and it is a disease that does not discriminate the rich from the poor, man from woman, black from white, or even social status. Many countries are still at war with each other, and millions of people are still displaced due to the extremism rose by extremist groups.  We can collectively work to cleanse the societies from ill-mindsets of extremists, as their actions do not representative religion of Islam. We should also take extra steps to help those families who are effected by Coronavirus Covid-19 pandemic as it can be any of us effected by this virus and need others to support us.

Month of Ramadhan is not only about fasting, but instead it is a month to try extra hard to achieve peaceful coexistence and prosperity for all mankind.