Ramadhan Kareem from Freemuslim

Freemuslim congratulates Muslims and non-Muslims upon arrival of Holy month of Ramadhan. Fasting has become a dietary method for anyone who wishes to cleanse their body, train their willpower and also fight their inner desires for a materialistic life. We congratulate this month to Muslims and non-Muslims alike as we have witnessed increasing non-Muslims joining Muslims in solidarity and to enjoy this international occasion.

We pray for all victims of violence, war, and or abnormal circumstances. We pray for international peace, security and restoration of justice. We ask country authorities to release prisoners of conscious, reduce sentences of anyone who can be forgiven or has minor offenses. In some countries people can be detained just for missing monetary debt. Let us all gather, unite and use this month as it is; the month of blessing. We are not saying this is the only time to be merciful; but instead this month is another reminder to step out of our shells, do something new, something good and worthy.

Many countries still face the threat of domestic radical and extremist groups. Some countries are still at war and dispute with their neighbors. War, instability, and political disputes only slow down a country’s ability to move forward in hundreds of areas that it can have success, but instead so many countries are tangled up in scenarios that are created just due lack of dialogue, or facilitation of platforms for people to voice their opinions.

We can collectively take advantage of this opportunity and reunite with our relatives, put aside disputes and resolve any misunderstandings. We wish a peaceful, holy and blessed month of Ramadhan for all.