Nowruz and Beginning of Spring

Freemuslim congratulates all those who celebrate the beginning of Spring. We extend our congratulations and blessings to all the peoples of the international community on the occasion of Nowruz, especially to the peoples of Azerbaijan, Afghanistan, Albania, Iran, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iraq, Syria, the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and India. As the organization prays to the Almighty to bless those celebrating this holiday with prosperity, security, peace and stability, it calls on governments and political regimes in those countries to release prisoners of conscience and political prisoners as a blessed gesture of reform on this important occasion for their people. The organization also hopes that the official measures of governments will rise to the level of the aspirations of their peoples aimed at achieving equality and social justice and preserving and securing rights at various human levels.

Millions of people celebrate the start of Spring in their own ways and it is a good reminder for new beginnings. We ask countries around the world to embrace any opportunity to re-conciliate with their citizens and facilitate platforms for people to utilize to voice their opinion. Opportunities to heal the old wounds should be recognized as a time sensitive opportunity and a golden one. Although Spring may come every year, new opportunities may not be as consistent.