Self Discovery Through Faith

Mujtaba Akhwand,director of Freemuslim Association, attended an event organized by The Islamic Center at New York University, Sacred Door Project, ABSA, and AL-KISA Foundation. This event focused on Building and Becoming: Self Discovery through Faith. Moujtaba Akhwand is proud to be a part of such a vibrant community of Muslims in the New York area. Throughout the event, workshops of empowerment and awareness about the strength of unity were held and panelists shared expert findings and methods to join forces for positive, constructive, and effective changes in the society. Moujtaba Akhwand encouraged the NYU Alumni attending the event to unite for a better future for Muslim population in Northern America, knowing that generations of Muslims have contributed undeniably to the societies they live in.

Today’s youth are future leaders and it is important for the young Muslim professionals interested in the topic to understand that their presence at  the decision making process when it comes to economic, social, and political platforms leads to ensuring that positive change is adopted in the society.

Building inclusive societies takes tangible steps, unity in efforts, and clear goals set forth. Strengthening the diverse society we live in requires continuous dialogue and multilevel advocacy for human right for all. Akhwand is optimistic about what future generations are capable of and its willingness to become more actively involved in productive changes.