China’s Continuous Human Rights Violations  

China has been responsible for continuous human rights violations against the Uyghur and other predominantly Muslim communities in the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. About one million and 800 thousand. That is the number of the people who have had the experience of being kept in reeducation camps, away from their families and in horrible conditions. Several patterns of torture, rape,  ill-treatment, and adverse conditions of detention are credible. They are detained for reasons as simple as practicing their religion.

It is important to note that countries that have economic ties with China can have a great impact on human rights violations that China is committing. NGOs on the other hand, ought to try to pressure countries to take action against human rights violations and fight for freedom of choice, but their efforts have plateaued and they have accepted the events that are happening to the Chinese Uyghurs.

The direct impact of violence and oppression that marginalizes individuals in a society influences China’s future and does not lead to improvement. China may be able to force people to distance themselves from the culture and religion of the Uyghurs, but countries have never been able to achieve permanent results with oppression in the long run.

M0ujtaba Akhwand, the director of Freemuslim, has stated after visiting some Uyghur families that the extent of pain and suffering that the families of the Uyghurs are enduring is not limited to the Uyghurs and includes many other minorities in China. These people are afraid of being taken away if they were recognized just because the Chinese government is able to oppress them without any accountability. They may as well have family members in the camps who they have not heard about for long.

Freemuslim strongly urges the Chinese government to address this issue to take steps towards reconciliation with the Uyghur population because violence does not lead to success in the long term, though in short term it may be a strategy used by a governments to get closer to their agenda, but in long term it is not effective.