Conscious Living, a Step Towards World Peace 

What does conscious living have to do with Human Rights and promotion of peace? One may ask that question passively and not consider the impact our every action has on our surroundings, let it be people, objects we own, or individuals we meet.

For years our team at Freemuslim has achieved the following:

  • Promoted peace for War-zone countries
  • Advocated for equal rights for women in Africa and the Middle East as well as for women in Europe and the United States.
  • Worked with other human rights organizations and cooperated in tangible steps to eradicated inequality.
  • Our Inclusion Forum emphasizes its efforts towards advocacy for new social norms where all members of the society have their rights recognized, respected and protected socially and by the law.
    • This requires increased education about multi-cultures that build the society.
  • Freemuslim’s Extremism Prevention and Deradicalization team focuses on separating the ill actions of extremist groups from purity of religion.
    • We have recognized that majority of the general public (Muslim and Non-Muslim) disapprove of the terror extremist groups pose to innocent people. The extremist groups may claim to be religious but they do not represent the religion itself.
    • Increased dialogue reduced the misconceptions in the society.
  • We ask governments to facilitate platforms for people to express their concerns so citizens can become contributors for positive change.
  • Freemuslim also focuses its efforts on freedom of Prisoners of Conscious.

Above are some areas we focus our efforts. In 2023, we have decided to promote Conscious Living as a lifestyle. Living consciously means being intentional with your words, action, habits, everything. You don’t act for the sake of acting, but you do it with intention. Our actions can make someone’s day better or ruin their mood; our efforts can lead towards positive change or they can be destructive, every action we take matters

More than a dozen countries are involved in a domestic or international conflict, more than 50 countries are directly and indirectly impacted by those conflicts, starting from displaced refugees to those fleeing their countries illegally due to corruption or financial insecurity. When we, all members of society, think more about the impact our actions have we tend to make better choices for ourselves and others in our surroundings.

Conscious Living reduces the bad decisions by average person ( example: drunk driving, bullying, domestic violence, discrimination, sexism, etc ) and also promotes doing positive deeds as a consequence of being a conscious human being towards our surroundings (this could mean recycling more often, helping someone else, donate to the needy,  or helping someone who has been directly impacted by war or discrimination).

At Freemuslim, we want to take 2023 as an opportunity to revive the “good feeling” of positive action and reduce wrong actions by rethinking the impact actions we take have. The world peace is achievable when we, the people, utilize the differences between people to build a stronger bond instead of walls between members of the society. We can advance further in science, technology, astronomy, physics, chemistry, etc  when we are not worried about political disputes and wars. Increased diversity leads to peaceful coexistence and adopt Conscious Living as a new lifestyle as it is indeed a major step towards World Peace.